What to Expect

Worship Service

What happens during the service itself matters. We believe that God has told his people how they are to worship him. We would be wise to follow his instruction.

We intentionally structure our service to reflect the gospel. First, we see God in his majesty. His holiness reminds us that we are sinful and need to confess our sin. After we confess our sin, we remember that Christ died to save sinners and forgives all who believe in him. We hear the gospel preached through God’s Word and renew our faith, preparing ourselves to live for him out of gratitude for what he has done for us.

For examples of this structure see Sermons for past bulletins.


God’s people are strengthened and equipped for life through God’s Word. The Bible plays a central role in our services.

The climax of this focus on the Scriptures is the preaching of God’s Word. Our pastors work systematically through books of the Bible. They preach chapter by chapter through the Old and New Testaments.

Our conviction is that preaching through books of the Bible is the best way to teach God’s people. We want to make sure we are teaching the “whole counsel of God”—not just our favorite parts.

Children & Youth

Children are an important part of God’s church. The church is a family made up of families and we see that pictured every Sunday as we gather for worship. We encourage (and enjoy!) children of all ages to be a part of the worship service.

• Children ages 0 to 3 may join the nursery for the entire service.
• Cribs are available in a room separate from but connected to the infant nursery. Nursing mothers also use this room.
• If needed, children ages 5 and under may be dismissed during the sermon to the nursery.
• See Children or Youth for details about Sunday School and more.


The music of our service draws from both ancient and modern roots. The psalms and hymns we sing are hundreds and thousands of years old, while other songs have been written by living authors.

We believe the style of music is secondary to the content of the lyrics. God has gifted our congregation with pianists, guitarists, and various others who serve us on Sunday morning.