Weddings at Holy Trinity

Congratulations on your engagement! We believe marriage is instituted by God, regulated by His commandments, blessed by the Lord Jesus Christ, and to be held in honor among all men. A wedding is a very special occasion, as it is establishing a Christian home.

Wedding Policy: Holy Trinity Presbyterian Church (HTPC) welcomes members of our church to have their wedding ceremony here. All wedding ceremonies shall be consistent with HTPC’s theology and mission as stated on the HTPC website.

Beginning with “Getting Started page,” please read through all the materials found in the links below. There you will find information on HTPC’s wedding policies, fees required, and the necessary downloadable forms.

Our hope is that this time of engagement, planning and preparation will be one of joyful anticipation and spiritual enrichment. To that end, we are here to serve you as we seek to glorify God together in your wedding ceremony.

All forms can be submitted by email or delivered by hand to the church office during normal business hours (350 S. Hyde Park Ave., Tampa, FL 33606).

Click the links below to download information for planning your upcoming wedding at Holy Trinity:

Getting Started with your Wedding at Holy Trinity
Wedding Policy Information 
Wedding Request
Premarital Counseling Questionnaire 
Photographer and Video Agreement
Florist Policy Agreement