Volunteer Safety Protocol

Volunteer Safety Protocol

We take the safety of our children seriously. We screen all our children’s workers and train them on child safety, as well as church and government policies.

Below are some of our volunteer safety procedures:

Children’s Worker Approval
• All workers must be members of Holy Trinity Presbyterian Church.
• Christian Education teachers must be approved by the HTPC Session.
• All adult workers must complete a background check (Note: All of these records are confidential and all workers must be approved in order to serve.)

Worker Guidelines
• All school-aged volunteers must be members of Holy Trinity Presbyterian Church.
• Minors may work ONLY when accompanied by an adult (18 years or older).
• In the infant room, student helpers must be in 8th grade or older
• In all other classrooms, student helpers must be in 6th grade or above.
• Two men may work together only when accompanied by another adult female volunteer.

Onsite Police Officer
HTPC hires an off-duty police officer on Sunday mornings and evenings to aid the security team if need should arise.

If you have any questions, please contact the church office office.