Sunday School

Sunday School – 9:15 am

The Bible equips us for all of life. Teachers in the church exist to mature the church and equip them for the work of ministry (Eph 4:11-13).

Sunday School is one of our church’s primary vehicles for maturing disciples. We desire that every family make Sunday School a priority.

Sunday School meets 9:15-10:15 am every Sunday morning.

Find our current Sunday School series information here.


Adult classes seek to give a robust and well-rounded foundation in Christianity.

Class Description: 

Beginning on Sunday, January 17th, will meet in the Fellowship Hall each Sunday morning in person (or via Zoom, password: 2021) for our Adult Sunday School class on God-Centered Evangelism. Join us as we consider how the glory of God and our call to share the Gospel with the lost connect. We want to avoid two errors: a) Reducing the Gospel to a man-centered self-help program which then erases the glory of God in the process. b) Failing to share the Gospel with unbelievers while claiming to be committed to God’s glory. God’s triune glory simply must be preeminent for us in our evangelism. Isaiah’s word to Israel and to the nations: “Behold your God!” (Isaiah 40:9) But that glory will send us into others’ lives with a desire that they be rescued from his just wrath against their sin through the blood of Jesus Christ. We will pray for our neighbors and family. We will talk about how better to love and get to know them. We will pray for wisdom regarding how to move into those inner-most chambers of their hearts and present Christ.


All the children’s classes follow a unified, age-appropriate curriculum that starts with toddlers and ends with 8th grade. Our goal is to train children in the whole of God’s Word. A typical class will include a time of singing, a teaching/story from the Scriptures, and an activity based on the lesson. There are multiple classes divided by age and grade.

Contact the church office for more information, or see a greeter on Sunday morning.

Infant Nursery
Children up to 2 years of age have nurseries designated for their age groups. See Nursery for more details.


Middle school and high school students are at a unique stage in their lives. Our desire is to engage them in studies and discussions focused on applying the truth of God’s Word to the world around them.

Middle and High School Sunday School – We are presently joining the adults for the first 25 minutes of their class and then breaking for applicable discussion for the last 30 minutes.

For more information, please email the church office.