Sunday School

Sunday School – 9:15 am

The Bible equips us for all of life. Teachers in the church exist to mature the church and equip them for the work of ministry (Eph 4:11-13). Sunday School is one of our church’s primary vehicles for maturing disciples. We desire that every family make Sunday School a priority.

Our Sunday School classes take place 9:15-10:10 am each week. Our current Sunday School series information can be found here.


Puritan Class: Beginning Sunday, June 5th at 9:15 am

Following God Fully: An Introduction to the Puritans – “For the Puritan,” we are told in the opening chapter of our study this summer, “the Bible was the most valuable treasure and surest foundation for faith and life that this world affords. In the written Word of God they found the living Word of God, Jesus Christ, revealed as the way, the truth, and the life (John 14:6). Puritanism was all about reforming all of life according to the supremely authoritative standard of the Bible in and through Jesus Christ.”

Join us as we explore and discuss the doctrine and lives of Puritan stalwarts through the video series that accompanies, Following God Fully, a new survey of the Puritans by Joel Beeke and Michael Reeves. Beeke and Reeves (and other contributors) provide an edifying and practical survey of Puritan life and practice as simply God’s will revealed in the Scriptures coming to expression in thought and life. You will find this study inspiring and helpful whether you have been reading the Puritan stalwarts for years, or whether the Puritans for you have been shrouded in mystery. The book accompanying the video series is available for purchase in the church office ($10) or online (though more expensive).


All the children’s classes follow a unified, age-appropriate curriculum that is aimed at training our children in the whole of God’s Word. A typical class will include a time of singing, a teaching/story from the Scriptures, and an activity based on the lesson. There are multiple classes divided by age and grade.

Contact the church office for more information, or see a greeter on Sunday morning.

Infant Nursery
Children up to 2 years of age have nurseries designated for their age groups. See Nursery for more details.


Middle school and high school students are at a unique stage in their lives. Our desire is to engage them in studies and discussions focused on applying the truth of God’s Word to the world around them. Our Sunday School curriculum varies from topical studies like Biblical Worldview to Bible Study. For the Summer, we will join the adults for the video portion of the Puritans class (see above) and split for separate discussion groups.

For more information, please email the church office.