Sojourner Presbyterian

Sojourner Presbyterian Church, Tampa, FL

A Church Plant for the University Area

Pastor Steven Light, a former intern at Holy Trinity, started gathering a core group in 2012 and planted Sojourner Presbyterian Church, Tampa, Florida in the vicinity of the University of South Florida.

This answered a long-time prayer of HTPC and we are excited for the work God is doing through this starting congregation.

Sojourner Presbyterian Church Logo

Sojourner Vision

From the Sojourner Website:

Sojourner advances under the conviction that Jesus Christ confronts sinners with his gospel of grace, reconciles them to God through his cross, and unites them in one body with all their glorious God-given diversities.

This body is a called-out society of sojourners in a fallen world. We are not called to live as individuals but as a family — serving, worshiping, witnessing, and walking out this life together until that great day described in Revelation 19:6-10 when we will be home.

Sojourner Presbyterian Church is located at 10901 N 56th St, Temple Terrace, FL 33617