Recommended Reading

Social Justice Assessed Biblically

Recommended reading list from our Fall 2021 Sunday School series.

Helpful History

  • “Worse than Slavery” Parchman Farm and the Ordeal of Jim Crow Justice (1996), David M. Oshinsky – a painful and important treatment of the realities of the convict lease system and the justice system under Jim Crow, detailing much that Americans are unaware of in our history.
  • American History, Volumes 1 & 2 (2019), Thomas Kidd – excellent overview of American history from an explicitly Christian perspective. Designed for advanced high school or college students as a textbook.
  • Did America Have a Christian Founding? (2019), Mark David Hall – sets out to show the ways in which there was a strong Christian influence upon the founding of the nation. Helpful for the historical detail.
  • Debunking Howard Zinn (2019), Mary Grabar – exposes the radical revisionist history is driven by Marxist ideology which has dominated higher education for a generation.

On Critical Race Theory / Social Justice

  • White Fragility (2018), Robin DiAngelo – Included as a primary source for Critical Race theory; read with great discernment.
  • Antiracist Baby (2020), Ibram X. Kendi – Included as a primary source for Critical Race theory, demonstrating the basic tenants of the theory and how it is targeting the youngest of children in a catechetical way. Read with great discernment.
  • Why Social Justice Is Not Biblical Justice (2020), Scott David Allen – helpful treatment of the ideology of social justice and Critical Race Theory.
  • Fault Lines (2020), Voddie T. Baucham Jr. – goes in detail regarding claims of the Black Lives Matters movement and Critical Race Theory. Also details what is happening in evangelicals at this time.
  • What Is the Mission of the Church (2011), Kevin DeYoung – particularly chapters 6 & 7 on social justice.
  • A brief critique of White Fragility by Denny Burk –
  • Summary of Critical Theory:
  • Tom Ascol:
  • (Included to expose the worst societal injustice of our time)

Grappling with the Disparities and the Underlying Causes in American Society

Understanding Race Issues: A Reading List

Provided in 2020

The following list is intended to sharpen one’s understanding of racial issues in our day. These are my (Steve Light’s) personal recommendations. Not all are written by Christians, nor do I agree with every point, but nonetheless they are included because I believe there is valuable insight in each. Though I strongly condemn the book as destructive worldly philosophy, I include Robin DiAngelo’s White Fragility as a primary source for Critical Race theory. I do recommend that Christians be familiarized with such leading sources of thought in our culture.

On Critical Race Theory

Grappling with the Disparities and the Underlying Causes in American Society

Social Justice


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