Our Vision

Holy Trinity’s Vision

We desire to be a church which begins and ends with the Triune God of the Scriptures. Our very existence as a church depends upon God’s sovereign mercies in history to accomplish our salvation and to gather us together as the body of his redeemed. 1. We pray for God-ward reverence in every aspect of the life of this congregation wherein we worship God as our good Creator and our merciful Redeemer. 2. We pray for humble people within our congregation who recognize our reckless rebellion against our good Creator and the free and boundless grace he has given to us in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. 3. We pray that the deeper we understand Christ’s mercies to us the more deeply we will grow together as members of his body with warm affection and tangible service to each other’s needs. 4.Such mercies will also lead us warmly to present the message of the Gospel to the world around us. 5. In every aspect of our church’s ministry, we seek to emphasize the Word of God and its central message, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the necessary work of the Holy Spirit of God, and the absolute dependence we have upon our God in prayer.