Sunday Night Science Exploration

Sunday Night Science Exploration

time 5:30 pm

Every Sunday from

September 11, 2022


October 2, 2022

“In the beginning, God…” The importance of starting and ending with the Triune God in whatever subject under consideration for the Christian, simply cannot be overstated. The disastrous effects of the church’s willingness to relegate science to an allegedly secular or neutral realm are everywhere for the church. Join us as we consider what it means to think about science as a God-centered enterprise, which of course means a Christ-centered enterprise even as Christ came into his world to forgive us for our man-centered thinking about the creation. We are gathering Sunday evenings from 5:30-7:00 pm as we explore Geology, Chemistry, Biology, and Physics together, all of which reflect the precision and design of our Creator. We conclude our time each week in the Courtyard with a time of “Creation Celebration” show and tell in the courtyard to share with one another different facets of God’s creation – this is our Father’s world! Bring something science-related to share with us!