NEW Puritans SS Class Begins

NEW Puritans SS Class Begins

time 9:15 am

June 5, 2022

Beginning Sunday, June 5th at 9:15 am in the large third-floor classroom!

Following God Fully: An Introduction to the Puritans – “For the Puritan,” we are told in the opening chapter of our study this summer, “the Bible was the most valuable treasure and surest foundation for faith and life that this world affords. In the written Word of God they found the living Word of God, Jesus Christ, revealed as the way, the truth, and the life (John 14:6). Puritanism was all about reforming all of life according to the supremely authoritative standard of the Bible in and through Jesus Christ.”

Join us as we explore and discuss the doctrine and lives of Puritan stalwarts through the video series that accompanies, Following God Fully, a new survey of the Puritans by Joel Beeke and Michael Reeves. Beeke and Reeves (and other contributors) provide an edifying and practical survey of Puritan life and practice as simply God’s will revealed in the Scriptures coming to expression in thought and life. You will find this study inspiring and helpful whether you have been reading the Puritan stalwarts for years, or whether the Puritans for you have been shrouded in mystery. The book accompanying the video series is available today in the Courtyard for $10.

Read pages 3-20, 101-103 for week 1 of our class; you can download those pages here. Download the full reading schedule for this class here