New Adult Sunday School Class Begins

New Adult Sunday School Class Begins

time 9:15 am

September 18, 2022

Our Adult class will study John Owen’s Mortification of Sin this Fall beginning Sunday, September 18th at 9:15 am.

Please read chapter 1 and chapter 2 for our first class.

“Suppose a man is a true believer, and yet finds in himself a powerful indwelling sin. This sin makes him captive to its power and consumes his heart with trouble. It perplexes his thoughts, weakens his soul in communion with God, takes away his peace, defiles his conscience, and exposes him to hardening, through the deceitfulness of sin. What shall he do? What course shall he take to mortify [kill] this sin, lust, or corruption?” John Owen, Of the Mortification of Sin in Believers (1656, modern English version].

John Owen, the eminent Puritan theologian and pastor, thus asks a question fundamental to all Christians: how shall we attack the indwelling sin that remains in us after we become believers? Is it possible to gain victory over it in any measure, even if it is a long-continued and besetting sin? Am I going about it wrongly now? These are important questions, because, as Owen is quick to point out, killing our sin is our Scriptural duty. Indeed, there is no peace of conscience, no sweet communion with the Lord, and no advance in sanctification in the Christian life unless we do.

We aim for this class to be a continuation of the strong encouragement in our faith we received during the Puritans class that recently ended. For ten weeks, beginning September 18th, we will be studying Owen’s short book Of the Mortification of Sin in Believers, using a faithful modernized English edition. In it, Owen sets forth, in his own careful and detailed manner, a fully biblical explanation of how the Lord intends for us to glorify and obey him by killing our sin. You won’t want to miss this class, especially if you are struggling and losing ground in your own battles with sin.