Sunday School

Sunday School – 9:15am

The Bible equips us for all of life. Teachers in the church exist to mature the church and equip them for the work of ministry (Eph 4:11-13).

Sunday School is one of our church’s primary vehicles for maturing disciples. We desire that every family make Sunday School a priority.

Sunday School meets 9:15-10:15 am every Sunday. See Events to check for cancellations.


Adult classes seek to give a robust and well-rounded foundation in Christianity.

There is currently one Adult Sunday School Class that meets on the third floor in the large classroom.


All the children’s classes follow a unified, age-appropriate curriculum that starts with toddlers and ends with 8th grade. Our goal is to train children in the whole of God’s Word. A typical class will include a time of singing, a teaching/story from the Scriptures, and an activity based on the lesson. There are multiple classes divided by age and grade.

Contact the church office for more information, or see a greeter on Sunday morning.

Infant Nursery
Children up to 2 years of age have nurseries designated for their age groups. See Nursery for more details.


Middle school and high school students are at a unique stage in their lives. Our desire is to engage them in studies and discussions focused on applying the truth of God’s Word to the world around them.

High School students meet in the Annex at 9:15 am (yellow building in the North parking lot adjacent to the playground).

Middle School students meet in one of the 3rd floor classrooms at 9:15 am. The middle school curriculum is a three-year capstone of the children’s curriculum. Its goal is to synthesize the basics the children have learned in their first years of Sunday School into a unified picture.

For more information, please email the church office.