Sunday Evening Prayer

Sunday Night Prayer?

Sunday evenings 6-7 pm

Every Sunday we meet for a brief time of prayer, singing, reading of Scripture, and fellowship. We believe that this gathering is one of the most important things we do. God commands his church to pray for all people (1 Tim 2:1-8) and frequent prayer was an important part of the early church’s life recorded in Acts.

Sunday is the Christian Sabbath: a day of rest and worship. Throughout the history of the church, many churches have found it beneficial to meet twice on Sunday. This practice is sometimes called “framing the Sabbath.” The purpose of a morning and evening service is to bookend the day and aid God’s people on keeping the whole day holy, not just the morning hours.

Ordinary Means of Grace

Prayer is one of the “ordinary means of grace,” meaning, prayer is one of the ways God has ordained for his people to grow in their faith. Praying individually and corporately not only is a way we honor God, but it is one of the primary ways we grow as Christians.


All ages are welcome to attend the prayer service.

However, children normally attend the following activities on Sunday nights:

Age 0 to Age 3: Nursery Provided

Age 4 to 5th Grade: Covenant Kids

Middle School: Middle School Small Group

High School: High School Small Group